DPA makes the News in Italy

Italian broadcaster RAI has purchased ten DPA 4080 miniature cardioid lavalier mics from DPA Microphones for use on its newly-launched current affairs programme, TG1.

The investment will allow RAI to overcome any white noise from the plasma screens, LED walls, fans and refrigeration systems in its large news studio. The DPA 4080 features 4dB presence boost, which makes the voice more distinguishable, and eliminates feedback problems in situations where there is a PA system.

"The programme often features two or more chief anchormen in debates with several high-ranking guests including top politicians. The mics needed to be cardioids, and as inconspicuous as possible. Before DPA brought out the 4080, this didn't exist," explained Marco Cunsolo, chief technical director of RAI Rome production centre.

The 4080 has eliminated the common problem of noise caused by people's movements thanks to a cable loop between mic and holder which minimises handling noise. The premounted pop filter with integrated shock mount allows the mic to be easily turned in any direction to obtain the best sound.

The sale was made via DPA's Italian distributor Casale Bauer.