Doyle to demo DTV master control system

At NAB, Doyle Technology Consultants is showing a multi-channel master control system designed to manage ATSC data streams. The systems integrator designed the system to bridge the gap between traditional broadcast operations and new DTV models of information delivery in data formats.

The Doyle solution to be on display at NAB includes an integrated signal management and master control engine built around NVision's new NV5128-MC Master Control/Multi-format Routing Switcher. In addition to 128 system inputs, this system provides mixing, keying, and voice-over capabilities, as well as built-in squeezeback and a logo store.

Also included in the facility is a Titan automation system from Sundance Digital, designed for multi-channel, server-based broadcast facilities. The system can support several business models including datacasting, time shifting and cooperative plants such as duopolies, as well as those needing to centrally automate operations across widely dispersed locations. The system's GUI allows easy monitoring and control of playlists, and a distributed processing architecture ensures mission-critical reliability.

This integrated system also features a comprehensive visual monitor and control system, developed by Doyle Technology Consultants. This allows operators to visually monitor, on one screen, branding operations while simultaneously maintaining override control, monitoring upcoming automated events, monitoring and managing AC-3 audio encoding settings, and displaying program services information in human readable form. The system is also server-based to allow assignable multi-channel status viewing and multi-user access control.

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