DMB Service Planned for Indonesia

A partnership between electronics company PT Agis Tbk, IPTV and mobile TV systems integrator Broadband Network Systems Ltd. (BNS) and Toshiba is looking to bring a national DMB-based mobile TV network to Indonesia.

"With a youthful population and low but fast growing mobile penetration, Indonesia is the perfect market for a broadcast-based mobile TV service," stated Anna Maria, senior officer at Agis, which will operate the service.

Toshiba will supply head-end and transmission equipment and management software for the network, as well as provide technical and operating expertise.

"DMB provides efficient spectrum usage which is a major advantage over other technologies that require UHF frequencies," stated BNS CEO Jeffrey Soong in a press release. "It makes this technology ideal for a vast country like Indonesia and we are excited to follow our recent IPTV and mobile TV projects in the region with this project."

The service is expected to launch sometime in 2008.