DJI Launches ‘DJI+ Discover’ App

SHENZHEN, CHINA—Want to find other drone enthusiasts or drone professionals in your area, there’s an app for that now. DJI has announced the launch of its “DJI+ Discover” app, which allows drone users to start conversations and meetup either socially or professionally. The app also provides access to the DJI Forum, online store, SkyPixel, and provides information on upcoming DJI events.

The app is divided into four sections: Nearby Search, Experience, Store and Forum. Nearby Search shows social and professional users in an area, as well as flying locations and geo-tagged photos from SkyPixel; the search section is separated for social and professional users. The Experience section provides information on nearby DJI stores and upcoming events. Store provides direct access to DJI’s online store and Forum is an integrated version of DJI’s official Forum for discussion.

Users sign up by registering an email address; profiles can be linked to existing DJI accounts.

The “DJI+ Discover” app is available for either iOS or Android users in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Spain and Australia.