Disruptel Raises $1.15M for CTV Remote Control Technology

Disruptel Context
(Image credit: Disruptel)

ST. LOUIS—Disruptel has received $1.15 million in backing through a recent seed round for its remote control technology designed to improve consumers interactions with connected televisions.

Disruptel was founded in 2017 and develops AI technology that processes video content in real time. Its flagship product is Context, which allows users to ask questions about the content on their CTVs through their remote control and receive immediate answers, including information regarding people on screen. Through Context, users can also purchase video-on-demand and other products related to on-screen content without using a second device, something that 88% of Americans currently do, per Nielsen (opens in new tab).

PJC and Progress Ventures led the seed round. Other investors included Mike Baker and Bill Simmons, co-founders of DataXu, which was acquired by Roku in 2019; Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri; and Andrew Olson, a senior technology executive that worked on Xfinity TV and Sky Q.

The funding is expected to be used to enhance and scale Context and other Disruptel Smart Screen products.

“I created Disruptel to make the TV viewing experience better for me and for my friends,” said Alex Quinn, CEO of Disruptel. “Like most Gen Z viewers, I think smart TVs are not as smart as they should be. We were never given the truly smart and interactive TV we were promised, so we are creating it ourselves. Our products improve the viewing experience while also creating new revenue streams for our content partners through non-intrusive advertising.”

For more information, visit www.disruptel.com (opens in new tab).