DisplaySearch Tells 'Today' Audience its LCD News

LCD TV unit shipments jumped a whopping 135 percent year-to-year (Y/Y) and 28 percent quarter-to-quarter (Q/Q) in the second quarter of 2006, according to the latest survey by analyst DisplaySearch, to a record 9.4 million units. The new LCD numbers represent 22 percent of the world DTV market (from 17 percent in Q1).

DisplaySearch discussed some of its latest findings before a mass broadcast audience on the NBC "Today" show on Aug. 21. The firm said Q2 LCD shipments were about 4 percent higher than expected -- with double-digit growth in all regions and triple-digit Y/Y growth everywhere except Japan.

North American LCD shipments were up 48 percent as lower LCD prices, higher CRT prices (attributed to the digital tuner mandate) and increased retailer emphasis on LCD boosted LCD TV unit penetration to a record 34 percent. Yet despite high expectations for the World Cup earlier this summer, Europe's Q2 shipments actually declined from 45 to 41 percent, with earlier shipments of still-unsold units resting at the European retail level.

Average LCD TV diagonal size rose from 27 inches in Q1 to 28.3 inches in Q2, while 30 inches and larger accounted for a majority of the LCD global market for the first time.

By region, Philips' one million-plus unit shipments remained tops in North America, while Samsung overtook Philips in Europe and remained at the top in the rest of the world outside North America. Sharp remained number one in Japan, and Chinese maker Hisense remained the leader in the government-controlled China market, according to Austin, Texas-based DisplaySearch.