DisplaySearch: Plasma shipments fall on Y/Y basis for first time

DisplaySearch recently reported that plasma panel shipments fell for the first time on a year-over-year basis in Q1 '07.

Plasma panel shipments fell 14 percent Q/Q and 1 percent Y/Y to 2.3 million panels, the lowest result since Q3 '05. Plasma panel suppliers' aggregate survey results indicated that they were expecting flat results in Q1 '07 after a weak Q4 '06. With the plasma panel surplus widening significantly, blended average selling prices (ASPs) fell 13 percent Q/Q and 27 percent Y/Y to $582, a new low, despite steady gains in average size. With units and ASPs down, revenues plummeted 26 percent Q/Q and 28 percent Y/Y to $1.3 billion, the lowest value since Q2 '05.

The decline can be attributed to loss of share to LCDs, particularly 1080p LCDs, at 37in and larger sizes. In addition, LCD TV panels also experienced a larger than expected decline in Q1'07, down 9 percent Q/Q in Q1 '07, because demand was pulled in from Q1 '07 to Q4 '06 as the result of sharper than normal retailer discounts in the holiday season.

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