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Kid-friendly Disney wants the FCC to ease up on its new children's TV advertising rules, which would ban cross-promotion of programming and related Web sites during children's shows. The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington has asked the FCC to respond to Disney's request to review the rules by Oct. 25. Disney and like-minded networks are reportedly worried that the FCC rules will hinder their ability to promote through interactive advertising--featuring characters that mention Web site that kids can visit, for example. The rules, issued in 2004, if not delayed, will be implemented at the first of the new year.

Viacom reportedly argued that the rules exceed the commission's authority and are unconstitutional but has since withdrawn its FCC petitions for review of the rules.

Watchdog kids group United Church of Christ--led by former FCC commissioner Gloria Tristani--also took issue with the rules at a Cincinnati court, but on the flip side, expressed that all interactive ads directed at kids on TV should be banned altogether.