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Dish Network Upgrades With SeaChange

Dish Network, a subsidiary of Dish Network Corp, has announced that it’s upgrading its existing SeaChange International spot advertising platform with new SeaChange technology in order to meet growing HD ad placement demands.

“Not only do we want to give our advertisers the ability to place high-definition ads on our HD channels, but also we want to provide our subscribers with an end-to-end HD viewing experience that does not drop off during commercial breaks,” said Michael Kelly, Dish Network’s executive vice president of direct, commercial and advertising sales. “The longstanding success Dish Network has enjoyed with our legacy SeaChange platform is an assurance that our new Spot systems will allow us to reliably and effectively serve both our advertisers and subscribers alike.”

The operation is getting SeaChange’s Spot 5.0 ad insertion system, which supports more than 600 channels of commercial delivery.

Englewood, Colo.-based Dish Network now provides content to more than 14 million satellite subscribers.