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Dish Grows Local Broadcast HD to 65th Market

DBS provider Dish Network (opens in new tab) has grown its local HD coverage by four markets this month, including a pair of upper New York State service DMA’s—Albany-Schenectady-Troy, N.Y. (DMA no. 56); Syracuse, N.Y. (DMA no. 80); Chattanooga, Tenn. (DMA no. 86); and Lansing, Mich. (DMA no. 112).

Dish had laid out an ambitious plan early this year to grow its HD programming venues through 2008, and said in a statement it “continues its commitment to reach the year-end goal of 100 local HD markets and 100 national HD channels.”

The satellite firm, which is in a fierce battle to out-HD its fellow competitors (primarily DirecTV and the major cable and fiber providers) for an edge in the market, said it now offers local HD broadcast stations in 65 markets. The national reach, it said, is just currently under 70 percent of TV households.