Discovery Networks Selects Junger Audio Processing

Discovery Communications is now using Junger Audio’s Level Magic technology in connection with the management of loudness and peak levels on all programs transmitted from its Discovery Networks Latin America/U.S. Hispanic headquarters in Miami, Fla.

Discovery has installed 15 Junger rack-mounted eight-channel C8086 Level Magic modules and 30 of the company’s C8402 SDI input modules as part of a technical upgrading program at the Miami facility. Before the installation, Junger worked with Discovery to develop a customized version of its processing algorithm tailored to the network’s requirements.

“It took a few months to complete the new algorithm, but we understand the customization is now operating satisfactorily and enabling Discovery to obtain a compromise between the program creator's vision for the sound track and what it believes is best for transmission,” said Peter Poers, managing director of Junger Audio. “We are also pleased that Discovery appreciated the overall sound quality Junger Audio’s Level Magic is able to deliver, especially in terms of transparency.”

The Discovery Florida operation originates programming for 12 different networks that reach more than 130 million subscribers in 34 countries.