Discovery HD Theater 'Sunrises' Enhance Morning Ambience

This is how The New York Times recently described watching a sunrise in HD:

"The rising sun is burning off the fog over Beluga Lake on a midsummer day in Homer, Alaska. A red-necked grebe ambles into her nest, and three chicks snuggle under her feathers. There is no sound except an occasional squawk or the distant hum of a seaplane. Watching the scene gently unfold on television, you can almost feel the water lap against your boots."

The feature article was spotlighting "Sunrise Earth," a commercial-free program airing on Discovery HD Theater for the past two years that trains its HD lenses (we couldn't find out exactly which type yet) on sunrises at various scenic locales around the world.

"Sunrise Earth" contains no narration or music, only HD video and audio. The purpose of capturing a sunrise over an hour's time frame, according to creator David Conover, is not to entertain, "But to provide a peaceful ambience while people do yoga or make coffee" in the morning.

So far, Conover has taped about 50 sunrises, but with no plans to do the same on the opposite end of the day. Sunsets, he said, are a bit of a downer to watch.