DirecTV Now Rebranded as AT&T TV Now

DALLAS—The era of DirecTV Now is over, as AT&T has announced that when it launches its new premium IP-delivered pay-TV service AT&T TV the service will have a new moniker, AT&T TV Now. This new service will be immediately available to DirecTV Now customers, as they will just need to re-accept the terms of service to continue to streaming content.

AT&T customers signed up for either AT&T TV or AT&T TV Now will be able to access the experiences through the same AT&T TV app through mobile or TVs.

The new service will be rolled out to select markets over the next few weeks; the AT&T TV app can then be downloaded through various app stores.

AT&T acquired DirecTV for $67.1 billion in 2015, but following a reported one million loss in pay TV customers in the second quarter of 2019, it appears that AT&T may be distancing itself from the satellite company.