Digital Alert Systems Declares Conformance

EAS gear maker Digital Alert Systems has filed an important piece of paperwork with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The manufacturer said it filed a Suppliers Declaration of Conformity on the FEMA Responders Knowledge Base website — and has been told it was the first to do so.

The conformance program verifies that its DASDEC-II EAS system meets requirements for receiving alerting messages from the IPAWS system; this assures broadcasters and the public that gear complies with FEMA program requirements.

“Being able to achieve a milestone like this is a major event for IPAWS, our company and the overall next-gen EAS endeavor in general,” the company’s Ed Czarnecki told Radio World. “IPAWS CAP-conformant vendors are finally beginning to be listed on the FEMA RKB website. Our products are the first listed for CAP EAS, a fairly big milestone for FEMA.” IPAWS is the federal government’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System; broadcasting’s updated EAS infrastructure is part of that effort.

Czarnecki wrote on the SBE EAS Exchange listserv that the filing of a declaration of conformity and a copy of the company’s IPAWS Conformity Assessment Program Test Report follows the completion of the IPAWS Conformity Assessment earlier this year. The DASDEC now is listed on the Responders Knowledge Base, where it is available to the public.

Czarnecki added, “Please refer to the ‘Knowledge Links’ on the left-hand column of the page for access to our SDoC and Test Results. I am told that the RKB plans to have a separate IPAWS certification category added toward the end of May, and these links will be moved to that new section when that is established.”

A declaration of conformity and test report also were filed by Digital Alert Systems’ parent Monroe Electronics for EAS gear used in the cable TV industry.

-- Radio World