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Digidesign revamps in-house video studio with Auralex

Console maker Digidesign recently completed the acoustical renovation of its production room with Auralex Acoustics treatments. DigiTV is an online video program designed to educate customers on Digidesign product features and applications.

The renovation was designed to deaden the overall space, improving the sound quality of the captured audio for video. Digidesign also needed to create a new mixing station. Auralex Acoustics provided a complete acoustical analysis to help the company achieve its goals.

The studio’s acoustic properties were the primary consideration in acoustical treatment design. The studio is approximately 30ft x30ft with 14ft concrete ceilings. The walls are constructed from multiple sheets of gypsum, while the floor is cement covered by commercial carpet. Two 10ft curtains are part of the permanent DigiTV set, while two large columns separate the mix area from the rest of the room.

Auralex provided a solution using a number of its acoustical products, including one box each of SmartPak 2in Studiofoam wedges and SmartPak 2in Pyramids; two boxes of LENRD bass traps; two Screen6 SpaceCoupler clouds; and one SonoSuede HD System with four Corner Trap panels and eight SonoSuede Trapezoidal panels. Completing the treatment are Auralex SonoFiber, MoPad monitor isolation pads and five cans of Foamtak spray.

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