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Dielectric Tapped to Build TV Combiner for Toronto CN Tower

The CBC and Radio-Canada have selected Dielectric Communications to build a high-power TV channel combining system for use at the CN Tower in Toronto. The system will combine two CBC/Radio-Canada DTV signals with one CBC analog signal and an analog signal from TV Ontario. The combiner will feed the existing broadband antenna on the CN Tower. Dielectric said the system is designed so that future channels may be added.

The Dielectric news release quoted Ray Carnovale, VP and CTO for CBC/Radio-Canada saying this installation is "perhaps the first time that N-1 and N+1 channel pairings are being combined in close proximity within the same combiner. In effect, we are inserting two NTSC analog and two 8VSB digital signals into a six-channel spread. CBC/Radio-Canada has been able to achieve its transition to digital terrestrial transmission in Toronto without having to install new antennas and transmission lines."

The Dielectric news release did not mention the channels in use, but consulting my FCC TV engineering database spreadsheet, I was able to see the analog channels are 19 and 25 and the digital channels 20 and 24.