Dielectric supplies DTV antenna system to WNYW-TV and WNBC-TV

Dielectric Communications has supplied a combined TV antenna system to WNYW and WNBC at the Empire State Building in New York City
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WNYW-TV and WNBC-TV have a new antenna system and transmission lines at New York’s Empire State Building thanks to Dielectric.

Broadcast antenna maker Dielectric Communications has supplied a digital-ready TV antenna system to WNYW-TV and WNBC-TV at the Empire State Building (ESB) - New York City’s tallest building.

Over the past three years Dielectric has worked with both stations to develop a comprehensive over-the-air broadcasting solution that can be used for analog now and digital broadcasts in the future. The result is an integrated configuration that includes main and backup antennas, transmission lines and a signal combining system.

The combined WNYW 5/ WNBC 4 transmission facility became fully operational in December 2004. The challenges of broadcasting from the ESB include the physical space limitations and potential electrical interactions and other interference between various broadcast antennas installed for other N.Y. stations.

Dielectric engineers have installed the main antenna on the ESB’s spire while the backup antenna was fastened to the building’s “mooring mast.” Completed in 1931, the ESB originally included facilities at the top of the building for dirigibles to dock and discharge passengers.

For more information, visit www.dielectric.com.

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