Denver TV Tower Approved

Last week Jefferson County commissioners unanimously approved zoning for a new 730 foot DTV tower on Lookout Mountain. With the approval earlier this year of the unique short tower antenna facility on Mount Morrison, Denver broadcasters should be able to start constructing of full power DTV facilities soon.

The tower will replace three existing towers on Lookout Mountain. According to the KCNC-TV News article Jeferrson County Approves Broadcast Tower, the tower could be completed within two years. The Lake Cedar Group, which includes TV stations KCNC, KMGH, KUSA and KTVD, proposed the tower and defended it in multiple hearings.

Another KCNC-TV News article, Lookout Mountain Tower Approved, HDTV Update said construction could start next spring. The article also includes a link to a video describing what the tower means to TV viewers in Denver.

A Rocky Mountain News article by Charley Able,
Digital TV tower approved for Lookout Mountain
described the reaction of homeowners in the area. Deb Carney, a spokeswoman for the group Canyon Area Residents for the Environment representing over 30 homeowners was asked if the group might file a lawsuit challenging the commissioners' decision. She replied, "There's always that." Refer to the article for more comments and concerns about tower.