Dell Begins Selling Sony LCD TVs

Computer firm Dell, while denying online reports at various CE sites that it will soon cease selling its own brand of LCD HD sets, has acknowledged it will begin selling other manufacturers' brands on its Web site immediately. On June 12, for example, several LCD TVs from Sony were being offered on Dell's Web site, side-by-side with Dell models. (Dell sells most of its DTVs and computers online or by phone.)

Some media reports said Dell was planning a major realignment of the company since the recent return of its founder, Michael Dell, to its helm. While that appears to be accurate, initial reports of the firm dropping its own brand of LCD TV sets came from Asian Web sites, according to PC World.

The Sony LCD models featured by Dell include 1080p and 720p native displays in sizes ranging from 46- to 40-inches. Dell and Sony are not offering exactly the same types of DTV products with their own respective branding, therefore prices cannot be readily compared, yet on the Dell site the Sony 40-inch LCD 720p goes for about $650 more than the Dell 37-inch LCD 720p.

Dell said it plans to offer HD products from additional makers in the months ahead.