Dejero Live+ EnGo Helps Catch ‘The Runner’

WATERLOO, ONTARIO—In the reality series “The Runner,” it wasn’t just the games eponymously named participant who was trying to make it across the U.S. while teams try to track him down, but its daily footage as well. To transmit content from wherever the show was taking place from back to the Los Angeles-based editing team the production went with Dejero’s Live+ EnGo mobile transmitter.

From July 1 to July 30, “The Runner” aired three episodes daily on streaming service go90. To help ensure that the footage got there for these episodes to be completed the production utilized nine Live+ EnGo units for remote video acquisition and transmission. According to Dejero’s press release, the production moved around 100 GB of file content per day with the Live+ EnGo, plus nearly two hours of live video.

The production also used Dejero’s Live+ Mobile App for teams to capture footage on the go and then transfer those to L.A.

According to Dejero CEO Brian Cram, the use of Dejero transmission gear allowed “The Runner” to meet its needs for live video, fast transfer of files, and remote control and monitoring for its mobile production.

“The Runner” was a production from Pilgrim Media Group, with executive producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.