Daystar Goes Full HD With Ikegami

Daystar Television Network, a Christian television operation base in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, has added 13 Ikegami high-definition television cameras to its production facility.

“We wanted the best, and after a thorough analysis we saw that Ikegami made the best picture overall,” said Lane Trammell, Daystar’s production manager. “We did side-by-side comparisons and ultimately picked Ikegami after a battery of tests because we saw it made the best picture overall. Ikegami had the best color, best signal-to-noise ratio, and best low-light-level sensitivity.”

Daystar selected four Ikegami HDK-790EXII studio cameras, six HDK-79EXIII portable HD units and an additional three HDL-45A models as part of its program to originate all of its programming in high definition. The network will use the cameras in its two large production studios. Ikegami HD LCD monitors were also acquired in the upgrade program.