Danish Broadcaster Deploys Miranda iControl

Danmarks Radio (DR), Denmark's national broadcaster, is installing the Miranda iControl facility monitoring and control system to consolidate the operation's radio, television, Internet units, and concert hall. The installation marks the largest installation of iControl in Europe, according to Miranda.

The application at Danmarks Radio includes four channels of television monitoring, four FM radio channels, eight regional radio contribution sites, as well as multiple DAB and Internet streams. The system will process and monitor both incoming and outgoing feeds, as well as keep tabs on DR's TCP/IP infrastructure, including servers, routers, encoders and decoders.

"The new system will revolutionize the way we work at DR, making it much easier for operators to monitor all stages of the playout process. Our operators will also be much better equipped to respond to any faults in the system," said Lars Sorner, senior project manager, DR Tek Technology Project. "DR's iControl monitoring system is the result of a huge workflow planning project, undertaken very closely with Miranda and our system integrator Danmon System Group A/S over several months."

The system is expected to go live in January 2007.