Dalet to Centralize Mediaset News Operations

Italian news broadcaster Mediaset has recently acquired a Dalet Enterprise Edition as part of an overall centralization of their newsroom operations.

The asset management solution from Dalet was purchased to streamline all of Mediaset’s news operations, including a 24/7 news channel set to launch later this year. The system is designed to let users browse wires, prepare text, edit video and create voiceovers and packages through the system’s desktop control.

"The ability to unify our news operations with the Dalet Enterprise Edition working on a single database will give us tremendous advantages,” said Mauro Cassanmagnago, Mediaset deputy general manager, department of research and engineering, in a press release. "We believe the Dalet solution, with its advanced, open-IT platform and proven scalability, gives us an excellent long-term solution for news prep and dissemination. It integrates well with the many other elements of our infrastructure and is also adaptable for future technology advances."

Mediaset’s Dalet Enterprise Edition will unify the work of more than 120 news agency staffers in Milan with another 25 journalists working in Rome as well as 40 archivists operating at both locations. The Dalet WebSpace web client will allow remote journalists to access the database from the field, enabling on-site coverage.