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DAC System Enters U.S. Market With Antenna Installation

LUGANO, SWITZERLAND—DAC System SA has gotten its foot in the door in the U.S. market after an installation of one of its antennas. With the help of Dielectric, DAC installed its DAC monitoring device at the WGME tower in Raymond, Maine.

Outdoor Sensor installed at the top of the tower

Mounted at a 500m tower elevation on the outer conductor of the 6 1/8-inch rigid line, the DAC system is measuring the power and VSWR at the bottom and top of the antenna. This in-line monitoring gives the operator a complete snapshot of the RF system.

The monitoring system detects any degradation of the system performance and prevents complete system failures or damage through overheating of the rigid line. If an issue occurs, operators are notified by email, SMS or push app.

The DAC system enables the operator to monitor RF system with up to 250 monitoring points per site. It can monitor temperature, VSWR/RL and power in indoor and outdoor applications.