CUC Broadcast SAS complements EVS slow motion

The CUC Broadcast SAS subsystem is designed specifically to create an archive that will handle massive amounts of data, generated in the EVS Slow Motion Mobile Television marketplace.

CUC, partnering with EVS Broadcast Equipment, has created a method of archiving and retrieval storage for SD and HD EVS configurations.

Data management for EVS customers is accomplished with FlashNet software. This software allows the MediaVault archive server to interface with the EVS XFile server via a GigE connection. The FlashNet software monitors the magnetic disk drives in the XFile server, pulling this data off and writing it to the FireFly Digital Virtual Library managed by FlashNet.

Data is written to and restored from the FireFly Digital Virtual Library. The FireFly is a non-robotic library, comprised of Serial ATA hard disk drive technology.

The XFile servers access the media and playlist on the EVS XT-servers via the SportNet SDTI network. A copy is made automatically onto the XFile FlashNet managed hard disk drives and written to the FireFly; no recoding takes place at any point, preserving the original quality of all footage.

The copy process occurs in the background, and has a lower priority on the network than any exchanges related to remote playback to avoid any disturbance of the ongoing production.

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