CTV to rely on wireless HD cameras for Ryder Cup coverage

CTV, the largest outside broadcast company in the UK, will use nine HD wireless camera systems for its Sept. 22 to 24 live coverage of the Ryder Cup.

The systems, Link Research LinkHD wireless camera transmitters and receivers, will play a critical role in one of the largest and most challenging deployments to date of wireless HD cameras.

The 2006 Ryder Cup will be shot completely in HD with 52 Sony HDC cameras. Nine will be wireless, following major players around the course as the four teams play.

CTV has extensive experience with wireless cameras for golf tournaments, having covered the PGA European Tour with Link equipment. For that, CTV relied on multiple receiver sites to get coverage of the entire course.

According to CTV technical director Hamish Greig, the teleproduction company has been “very happy” with the performance of the LinkHD systems during thorough pre-Ryder Cup testing.

For more information please see www.linkres.co.uk.