CTA Announces AR/VR Standard Terminology

WASHINGTON—The Consumer Technology Association has announced the publication of its first-ever standard addressing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. CTA-2069, Definitions and Characteristics of Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies introduces various terms defining emerging consumer technologies such as AR, mixed reality, outside-in-tracking, VR video and VR images, room-scale VR and X reality (XR).

“Our first AR/VR standard represents an important step in addressing key emerging technology areas,” said Brian Markwalter, senior vice president of research and standards, CTA. “The industry created this standard to build upon definitions created by CTA’s AR/VR Working Group that provide consumers insight on the broad range of technologies and experiences available. With this standard, the industry has created a blueprint to more effectively support AR/VR technologies and bring them to a broader market.”

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According to this year’s CTA Sales and Forecasts report, CTA projects 4.9 million units will be sold in 2018—up 25 percent from 2017—and generate $1.2 billion in revenues (up 18 percent). Increasing popularity among gamers and a competitive market for AR/VR accessories are among the drivers supporting the growth of AR/VR.

“Standardized, market-centric definitions are an important first step for the industry,” said David McIntyre, senior vice president, strategy and standards, Corporation, and chair of the CTA AR/VR standards group. “I look forward to increased industry involvement as CTA works on other areas of XR standardization in service of the industry and consumers.”

While the CTA’s standard addresses VR terminology, the IEEE is in the process of establishing the technical standards for AR/VR. The IEEE Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Working Group–comprised of device manufacturers, content providers, service providers, technology developers, government agencies and other parties relevant to VR/AR technology advancement–is working on eight IEEE standards projects in a new P2048 standards family for virtual reality and augmented reality.

Tom Butts

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