CSTV unveils CSTV Edge

CSTV Networks this week announced the creation of the CSTV Edge, an all-in-one coaching tool that offers college football programs immediate access to searchable game film on hand-held devices.
A portable solution to reviewing game film, CSTV Edge is designed to expand on CSTV’s relationship with collegiate athletic programs. The CSTV Edge offers college football coaches and players the ability to leave the post-game locker room with every play of the game they just played catalogued on their own Video iPod.

Designed with ease-of-use and portability in mind, the CSTV Edge will be available for use during the 2006 football season. The product takes live video from institution-generated game film or a TV broadcast and delivers a searchable play-by-play interface from the opening kickoff to the final snap.

Each play is categorized by offense, defense or special teams and then broken down further by quarter, down and distance, game situation and specific play. Along with detailed information, every play of the game is simultaneously loaded onto multiple Video iPods, creating the CSTV Edge.

For more information, visit www.cstv.com.