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Crystal Vision to roll out control panel, new features for color corrector

Crystal Vision's CoCo104 has a new auxiliary output that can be connected to a monitor to allow users to preview any adjustments.

The modular CoCo104 color corrector and legalizer from Crystal Vision has been significantly upgraded with new features and a dedicated control panel.

CoCo104's new auxiliary output, which has replaced the second main output, can be connected to a monitor to allow users to preview any adjustments, by either wiping horizontally or vertically between the processed and unprocessed signal or switching between input and output.

Additional processing features have been added, including overall gamma to lighten or darken the picture without crushing the blacks or white, as well as independent adjustment of red, green and blue gamma to allow extremely sophisticated color correction and compensate for camera setting or lighting problems.

The CoCo Controller is a blue 1U control panel in Crystal Vision's new corporate style. Controlling up to eight color correctors, the new panel is simple and intuitive to operate and fits easily into any control desk.

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