Crown Media Dons Quantum StorNext and Lattus Platforms

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Crown Media Family Networks has announced it recently deployed Quantum’s StorNext 5 shared storage and Lattus object storage platforms to manage its video content. As the parent company of the Hallmark Chanel, the Quantum systems will allow Crown Media to provide a highly scalable content management that automatically preserves and protects its digital assets while also having them readily available.

The StorNext system is compatible with Crown Media’s previous Xsan online storage network while also offers seamless integration with Lattus. The Lattus uses object storage technology to create extended online storage with the ability to store up to hundreds of perabytes and provide a scalable and resilient environment. Crown Media’s Lattus configuration spreads content between two locations in Los Angeles and Denver.

When content is no longer actively being used, the StorNext system moves it from online storage to Lattus object storage while continuing to provide access through the StorNext file system and Levels Beyond Reach Engine.

Crown Media worked with Integrated Media Technologies to implement the Quantum systems.