Crosscreek Television Upgrades Truck with EVS

ALABASTER, Ala. –Crosscreek Television Productions has chosen EVS systems to upgrade its SD Voyager 6 mobile production truck to the HD Voyager 11 unit.

Crosscreek Television replaced the truck’s SD EVS servers with EVS XT series servers, including a four-channel SpotBox for media control from ingest to playout. The remote production company has also invested in EVS’ XFile application, which enables them to carry show elements on a portable hard drive and upload them to the XT servers. They can also download the highlights packages created on the servers to the portable drive.

“Their servers are highly reliable and require only minimal maintenance. Installing all the EVS systems was pretty much ‘plug and play,’” said John Peers, vice president of engineering at Crosscreek.

Crosscreek has been using EVS servers for several years, first as an aid when migrating to tapeless production, and last year the company equipped its Voyager 10 HD production truck with XT servers.

“EVS staff are very knowledgeable, highlighting new features that are useful to us and providing helpful technical support,” Peers said. “We’ve developed a good relationship and know we can depend on them for a rapid response to any request.”