Croatia's Arena TV adopts Grass Valley SAN for HD playout

Grass Valley has teamed up with Zagreb-based systems integrator Kapetanovic Sistemi to supply engineering support and operations equipment at the Zagreb HD production and playout facility at Croatia’s Arena TV network and Croatia’s first HD OB (Outside Broadcast) truck, owned and operated by production company Croatel.

This partnership between Kapetanovic Sistemi in Zagreb, Croatia and Grass Valley's Systems Group located in Weiterstadt, Germany, has led to the first installation of Grass Valley's K2 Summit server SAN anywhere in the Balkan region. This equipment is currently on-air and tightly integrated with a Pebble Beach Neptune automation system. The Neptune system closely controls the Grass Valley K2 servers, which automatically manage the entire file ingest and distribution process.

Croatel's TV Arena Zagreb facility was designed from the ground up with Grass Valley HD technologies in mind and also includes a K2 Summit production client and EDIUS HD editing workstations to support four sports channels. Each channel is broadcast in HD and downconverted to an SD digital format for wider viewing.