Creators of video games sue maker of copy software

A group of major video game companies has sued 321 Studios — the company best known for its now-banned DVD copying software — charging that its new video-game copying software is also illegal.

Atari, Electronic Arts and Vivendi Universal Games filed suit against the software company in New York federal court, asking a judge to block distribution of 321 Studios’ Games X Copy software.

The St. Louis-based software company has been the subject of repeated lawsuits over the past several years, all focusing on its disc-copying technology.

For more than a year, 321 Studios offered the most popular DVD copying software on the market, sold in stores such as CompUSA. The major Hollywood studios charged that the program violated federal copyright law by evading antipiracy protections in most commercial DVDs.

In February, a San Francisco federal judge agreed, and ordered the software removed from the market. A judge in New York agreed in several separate cases, so 321 Studios now faces at least three injunctions against selling the DVD-copying software.

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