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Crawford Communications Buys SAMMA Conversion Equipment

Crawford Communications, a provider of uplink, satellite, Internet and production services based in Atlanta, is purchasing four SAMMA Systems Solo analog to digital migration systems, two SAMMA Clean tape inspection and cleaning systems and two SAMMA robotic systems for videotape to digital file conversions. Crawford says it was the first video services provider to deploy SAMMA technology and is adding additional capacity to its conversion operations with the purchase.

“The unprecedented speed and cost effectiveness of the SAMMA solutions enable us to digitize our customers’ archives providing immediate access to their video assets,” said Jesse Crawford, CEO of Crawford Communications. “Driven by the international conversion to DTV and the subsequent demand for PAL compatible migration equipment, we have turned to SAMMA once again for the SAMMA Solo solution. The new system allows us to expand our capabilities to include the PAL format while providing MXF interchange with all MXF manufacturers.”

SAMMA Systems debuted the Solo system to an international market at the current IBC tradeshow. The Solo features many of the same components of SAMMA’s larger robotic systems and offers advantages over manual video transfer methodology. It creates mathematically lossless MJPEG2000 files and wraps them in MXF in real time and at the same time creates production versions of MPEG-2, H.264 and other viewing formats.