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CPC rolls out MacCaption, a complete captioning system on CD

The MacCaption captioning software imports, formats and time stamps caption text as well as encoding text as closed captions onto all video formats using software only.

MacCaption not only formats and synchronizes captions with the video, but also encodes the captions onto the video, so there is no generation loss in the encoding process.

Over the summer of 2003, CPC enhanced the capabilities of MacCaption by incorporating most features of its Windows-based CaptionMaker software in the Mac version. MacCaption runs on the Mac OS X.

The MacCaption icon-driven software is intuitive, allowing first-time users to caption videos within an hour of installing the software.

Software enhancements include:

  • Caption preparation time has been cut down by 33 percent.
  • Caption positioning and synchronization with dialogue has been vastly improved.
  • Drag and drop DV and MPEG closed caption encoding is better than ever.
  • A unique push-pull caption formatting similar to formatting feature in CPC’s Windows CaptionMaker application.

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