CPB Praises Congress’ Passing of Appropriations Bill

WASHINGTON—Though threats and proposals had been made to freeze or defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the last year, the recent passage of the Appropriations Act of 2018 by Congress has helped to ensure funding for the organization through FY 2020.

Specifically, the bill provides $445 million for CPB’s FY 2020 advanced appropriation, $20 million for upgrading and replacing the public broadcasting interconnection system and $27.7 million for the Department of Education’s Ready to Learn program.

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The following statement was made by Patricia Harrison, president and CEO of CPB:

“The legislation reaffirms that federal funding for public media is an investment that continues to deliver proven value and service to the American people. On behalf of the millions of Americans who benefit from public media’s services every day, CPB thanks Congress for its longstanding support.

“The federal appropriation is the foundation of a uniquely American public-private partnership, providing essential funding for the nearly 1,500 locally owned and operated public television and radio stations across the country. Only through the federal appropriation can public media serve every American wherever they live, whatever their economic circumstance, free of charge and commercial free.

“The funds stewarded by CPB enable public media stations to play an essential role in public safety and civic leadership as well as in providing trusted local journalism, high-quality educational programming and local services to communities throughout the nation—rural, small town and urban communities alike. Because of Congress’ support, public media can continue to tell America’s diverse story in a way that enhances our civil society and connects us to one another.