Cox Links Providence News and Sports With Telecast

Cox Communications has linked its Cox3 studios in Cranston, R.I., with the Providence Journal
newsroom to produce a weekly one-hour sports show, using its existing underground cable
infrastructure and Telecast Fiber Systems' CopperHead camera-mounted transceiver to link sites
miles apart.

The program, "Sports Page Live," is broadcast weekly from the Journal by two camera operators
using ENG cameras fitted with the CopperHead system. Previously, such a show would have
involved a mobile production unit and microwave link. Instead, the CopperHeads fit on the
back of the cameras and transmit audio, video, intercom and control data in both directions
over single lightweight fibers. Cox just plugs in at each location.

"The ability to allow nonengineering staff to operate and troubleshoot the equipment was our top priority in purchasing Telecast's CopperHead," said Mary Lou Palumbo, Cox manager of community programming. "Our operators arrive at the Journal, unpack the gear, set it all up in less than 30 minutes, saving us both time and money. Back at the Cox3 studios, I'm able to monitor all of the equipment, so know that all of the signals are coming and going as they should."