Core Networks launches home network management for cable operators

Core Networks, a provider of operations support systems for the broadband industry, has released CoreEnsemble home network management system.

The software is now integrated with enCore, the company’s new platform for serving broadband subscribers. It offers service providers a scalable engine for delivering and managing home networking services to millions of homes.

CoreEnsemble is built on the new enCore platform, which serves as the foundation for a suite of network management tools. enCore provides a common software platform across both cable and DSL, and is designed to give service providers an integrated set of tools to manage increasingly complex network demands.

New features in CoreEnsemble include support for CableHome 1.1 residential gateways, auto-discovery of devices on the network, an open interface to existing OSS/provisioning systems, and a graphical user interface.

Visit Core Networks to learn more about its home network management system.

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