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Cool-Lux reveals new shoulder pack and accessory kit at Cine Gear Expo in LA

Cool-Lux showcased its new BC4014 14Ah Shoulder Pack and the LK2052 Mini-Cool Accessorized AC/DC at Cine Gear Expo 2011 in Los Angeles over the last weekend.

The BC4014 14Ah Shoulder Pack has an average continuous run time of 65 minutes rated at 75W and is enhanced with an LED power gauge. The 11lb battery pack, designed for portability and affordability, is supplied with a 1.2Ah XLR BC3354 charger. Cool-Lux equipped the pack with dual female four-pin XLR connectors. Cigarette and brick tap adapters available.

The Cool-Lux Smart belts and packs were created to improve the experience of both traditionally outfitted and mobile videographers. The pack features additions such as an LED power gauge and ergonomic messenger strap.

The LK2052 Mini-Cool Accessorized AC/DC kit includes a complete set of accessories including lamps, barn doors, softboxes, power cords, dimmers and adapters. The key component to this kit, said Mini-Cool, is its versatility, which provides videographers with proper lighting in a small-size package regardless of their location.

The Mini-Cool can be mounted just about anywhere including on camera for on-location interviews and off-camera on ceiling grids for planned sessions. The soft box provides direct lighting on the go. It can even be mounted to a light stand and be used to bounce light off of an umbrella to provide soft lighting effects.