Controlware and Dimetis Team Up

Controlware Communications Systems Inc., a supplier of video access, transmission and management systems for broadcast networks, has teamed up with Dimetis to produce two new media service network management software modules, EasySwitch and NetSwitch, which are built on the Controlware/Dimetis' OpenPlatform software suite.

The OpenPlatform software suite is highly modular with a broad range of management, scheduling, switching, monitoring, billing, and communications functionality that can be tailored to meet the needs of any media network services provider, according to the companies. EasySwitch provides pushbutton control of video and data connections. NetSwitch is available in many configurations including scheduling, bandwidth management, monitoring, fault resolution, codecs and control of routers. EasySwitch and NetSwitch support multiple network topologies and are in use today at broadcasters, multiple-service operators, media transport service providers, and satellite distribution and telecommunications companies.

"When a customer desires connectivity between multiple locations, our OpenPlatform software product line allows the service and related resources to be booked and the appropriate connections made," said Frank Steinebrunner, general manager for Controlware. "Bookings might be made weeks, months, or even a year in advance. Through a web interface users can make or alter bookings themselves, enabling network service providers the ability to accommodate urgent requests even when the demand for network connections is at a peak."