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Consumers hasten uptake of digital sets

New research from In-Stat shows a rapid switch on the part of consumers in North America, Western Europe and Japan from analog to digital television sets as broadcasters fulfill government requirements mandating their digital transition.

The report, “Digital TV 2008: Shipments Increase While Revenues Flatten in Worldwide Market,” also points out that China is now only at the beginning of the digital switchover, and India is still discussing plans to make the switch.

According to the report, TV set manufacturers are responding to this digital television uptake with a variety of new features intended to maintain the position of the television as the centerpiece of the home entertainment experience, according to In-Stat.

Direct Internet connectivity built into sets along with content offered via set manufacturer services and wireless network connectivity enabling consumers to integrate set-top boxes, computers, gaming devices, PVRs and DVD players are becoming more prevalent. In the United States, set manufacturers also have begun working with cable TV providers to offer support for tru2way two-way CableCARD connection.

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