Consumers Care About 3D at Home

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.: Consumers are interested in receiving 3D in the home, In-Stat says. Those who have seen three or more 3D movies in the theater are more interested than the general respondents as are those who own Blu-ray players, the research firm said.

About 25 percent of those who are at least somewhat interested in having the ability to view 3D content at home, however, were unwilling to spend more money on a 3D TV. Another 43 percent were willing to spend $200 or less for a new 3DTV.

The situation was similar with Blu-ray players; 31 percent of respondents who were at least somewhat interested did not want to spend more for a 3D Blu-ray player. Another 33 percent wanted to spend less than a $50 premium for a 3D Blu-ray player over a 2D player.

In-Stat said it expects the price differential for 3D products will be higher than what the consumers in the survey indicated they wanted to pay, “so fewer consumers are likely to buy 3D equipment until prices decline.”

With regard to the content itself, 67 percent of respondents at least somewhat interested in 3D at home said they were willing to pay more for a 3D version of a Blu-ray disc over the 2D version. Most said they’d prefer to pay less than $5.