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Compix Spirit graphics creation package helps houses of worship

Compix has made available its Spirit package, which gives houses of worship a CG tool specifically designed for building high-quality broadcast graphics. Combining Compix's intuitive GenCG graphics creation software with added features targeting faith-based productions, the Compix Spirit package offers users a simple yet powerful solution for enriching the worship experience.

The Compix Spirit package was introduced to enable congregations to achieve a stronger and more meaningful visual impact using cost-effective and convenient creative tools. With full access to GenCG both online and offline, all variety of users can hone their skills in creating compelling graphics.

Available with the purchase of any Compix CG system, the Compix Spirit package features a 10-year unlimited offline GenCG software license that allows lead graphic designers and church volunteers to prepare graphics easily. With anytime access to the software and their CG projects, staff and volunteers can complete work in the convenience of their own homes. Users can seamlessly save and transfer their graphics via network or USB drives and bring them to the main Compix system at the church for easy retrieval and playback.

GenCG is equipped with an intuitive interface, logically set playback controls and a sizeable array of features including rolls and crawls, more than 250 transitional effects and user-definable clocks and timers. The CG helps users to create graphics online or offline, locally or remotely, and incorporate them into live production. The Spirit package further speeds up and simplifies graphics creation for worship, offering users an integrated Bible search database, more than 100 prebuilt templates, fonts, backgrounds and a high-impact animation creation suite.

GenCG uses Windows language settings and fonts, thereby ensuring multilingual support, and allows graphics staff to take advantage of unlimited True Type font styles. GenCG's style catalog also offers easy access to frequently used graphics, colors, font attributes and templates.