Companies collaborate for plug-and-play mobile TV infrastructure

Last month, digital rights management provider Viaccess launched an end-to-end mobile broadcast TV infrastructure, the result of its partnership with handset manufacturer LG Electronics, digital broadcast equipment maker ENENSYS, electronic service guide supplier Expway and smart card manufacturer Sagem Orga.

The partnership unites features from all five companies to provide customers and operators with a production-ready, end-to-end environment right through an LG handset, using the OMA BCAST Smartcard Profile standard for securing access. With its partners, Viaccess completed early interoperability tests showing that the system is ready to deploy, the company reported.

The new OMA BCAST standard ensures compatibility with standard handsets, adds security features and reduces SIM management costs for operators. The turnkey solution is a plus for operators, according to Viaccess, because it reduces integration time and cost as well as enables successful monetization.

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