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Commission extends settlement period for Auction 85

On July 31, the FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and the Media Bureau extended the Auction 85 settlement period by two weeks, to Aug. 14 at 6 p.m. Eastern Time.

The settlement period is a limited time in which the commission permits parties with proposals in the mutually exclusive (MX) groups identified in the Auction 85 Comment Public Notice to dismiss their proposals, enter into settlement agreements or resolve their mutual exclusivities by means of engineering solutions without running afoul of prohibitions on market collusion.

While the bureaus decided to grant a two-week extension, they rejected a proposal for the National Translators Association requesting postponement of the deadline until Sept. 8.

Auction 85, which is scheduled to commence Nov. 5, pertains to construction permits for LPTV, including Class A and TV translator digital companion channels.

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