Comments Due Soon on Petition to Repeal Channel 6 Protection

Comments are due to the Federal Communications Commission Dec. 2 on the NPR petition to repeal radio protections for TV analog Channel 6.

For many years, NCE FMs in the reserved band have been forced to downgrade their service due to Channel 6 concerns.

As Radio World has previously reported, NPR cites several reasons why Section 73.525 of the FCC Rules should be deleted. It submitted studies that seem to show DTV is far less affected by adjacent Channel 6 operation than was the legacy NTSC system.

A national LPTV filing window is set to open in January with the potential for new Channel 6 LPTV applications to be filed.

Consulting firm Communications Technologies Inc. told clients this week it believes that until the FCC fully addresses the issue of Channel 6 protection every NCE FM should file a brief comment in support of the NPR proposal [RM-11579] here.