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Coming soon! The October Digital Edition

Exclusive articles and enhanced content are found only in the Digital Edition of Broadcast Engineering magazine. The October issue, due out later this week, will include these articles and more:

Feature: Leveraging large datacenter switches

Over the next few years, we will all hear a lot about “packet-based facilities” or the “all-IP plant.” It seems like the next big thing, but really this is just the continuation of a long, steady migration that has been going on since the late 1990s.

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Feature: Is designing for 4K a leap or a step?

In 1992, SMPTE released the 259M standard, which enabled the transport of uncompressed SD video at rates of 143Mb/s-360Mb/s. At the time, 10Mb/s Ethernet had yet to be released. In 1998, SMPTE upped the ante with SMPTE 292, which standardized a 1.5Gb/s interface for the transport of HD video, while the Ethernet world was still in the process of adopting its 100Mb/s standard. In 2005, SMPTE adopted its 3Gb/s standard for 1080p video transport, and in 2006, 10GigE was released to support the 10G signal across four pairs of wire. Now the circuits were operating at roughly the same 2.5Gb/s speed. From there on, however, the race was over.

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Showcase: NBC Sports Group builds new home

The new International Broadcast Center that NBC Sports Group is now completing in Stamford, CT, to house the division’s NBC Sports, NBC Olympics, NBC Sports Digital, NBC Sports Network and the NBC Sports Group Regional Network’s management team is a conglomeration of ingenuity, technology resourcefulness and vision.

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Download: News loners

Video journalist, one-man-band reporter, multimedia journalist … The labels may be different, but the idea is the same: Send one person into the field to shoot, interview, report and contribute live or edited stories from remote locations, thereby multiplying the “feet on the street” and ultimately offering viewers more stories.

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