Comedy Central Shows Deploy AP's ENPS

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" two satiric news shows on Comedy Central are using AP's ENPS production system.

ENPS' features include a drag-and-drop customizable interface; seamless connection of multiple stations; complete off-line and remote access capabilities; and an exclusive "briefing" function that allows journalist to retrieve content from all areas of system with a single search.

Brendan Hay, a writers' assistant on "The Daily Show," which takes a comedic reality-based look at news, pop culture, politics and the media, said the ENPS upgrade makes show "easier, better organized, and much more convenient thanks to its unique 'News Satire' macro."

"The Colbert Report" is a satire on personality-driven pundit shows. "Here at 'The Colbert Report' we demand excellence in all areas, which is why we chose the ENPS system for our show" said Meredith Bennett, line producer at "The Colbert Report." "We expect the new script program to meet our incredibly high standards."

Both shows will use ENPS in the daily scripting and timing needs of their programming.