Comcast touts HDTV quality over competitors

Comcast claims to be the clear choice for HDTV picture quality.

In newspaper ads, the cable operator is touting a new survey that finds it has the best HD picture quality, beating out both the national satellite television services.

In side-by-side comparisons, Comcast claimed that two-thirds of satellite customers expressed a preference for Comcast over DIRECTV and the Dish Network. More than 65 percent of customers ranked Comcast higher than DIRECTV, and almost 70 percent chose Comcast over Dish Network, Comcast claimed in a news release.

Comcast said Frank N. Magid Associates, a research consulting organization, conducted the survey. Accenture, a management and technology consulting company, oversaw the technical aspects of the test; and Loeb & Loeb, a national law firm, provided legal guidance on the survey process.

Participants were asked if they felt there was a difference in quality between the HD television pictures displayed on three identical, unlabeled television sets, one set displaying a picture from Comcast, one from DIRECTV and one from Dish Network.