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Comcast to feed Masters in 3D for Free

Right now the PGA probably doesn't know where to begin celebrating. Not only is ratings magnet Tiger Woods planning to make his self-imposed comeback to the tour at the Masters next month, the tournament will also be televised in 3D and feed for free by Comcast, the largest TV service provider in America.

The question of whether 3D will ever become mainstream seems to be almost a moot point, as technology targeted to the living room is being accepted faster than probably even its most ardent proponents could have imagined. (Never mind that virtually no one owns a 3D HD set quite yet.) Several manufacturers are rapidly rolling out their first 3D models over the next few weeks and months (although some units are already beginning to appear on shelves.)

The live 3D coverage—sponsored by Sony—will be produced from the Augusta National Golf Club. 3D production is being sponsored by Sony. Rights holders for the Masters are ESPN and CBS — the latter of which recently announced plans to also air in 3D the final three games of the Final Four basketball tourney (albeit not via broadcast or cable television, per se, but on a PPV basis at designated movie theaters around the U.S.).

However, both networks' 2D (HD) coverage will be separately produced from the 3D production, according to sister publication Broadcasting & Cable.

The 3D production will be offered April 7-11 and deploy multiple 3D cameras—to be concentrated on the famed course's final nine holes.